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Diameter up to 700 mm, length 24,000 mm

Materials: Stainless-, tool-,highly wear-resistant Steel and many more...

Rubber Stators

Diameter up to 1200 mm, length 12,000 mm

Filling weight up to 8,500 kg

Materials: NBR, EPDM, CSM, FKM….. with food certification

Solid Stators

Diameter up to 300 mm, length 12,000 mm

Materials: PTFE, POM blue, natural or black, GG, and many more...

Daurex spare parts
Daurex helps our customers retain independence by supplying direct replacement

spare parts for nearly all progressive cavity pump manufacturers.
These spare part replacement include brands such as Moyno
®, Robbyns & Myers®,
®, Allweiler®, Seepex®, Netzsch®, Mono®,
Monoflo®, Bornemann®... to name a few.

Tell us the required part and material for your required pump type or in many cases its
enough to tell us the part number and we will deliver your parts immediately.

(All trademarks and logos displayed on this Web site are the
property of their respective owners. All registered trademarks
of the competitors listed are not owned by Daurex GmbH
or affiliated with our company)

Coupling Rods

Drive Shafts

Feeding Screws

Universal Joint Sleeves

Coupling Rod Pins

Mechanical Seals

Ball Bearings


Holding Bands

Radial Seal Rings
Shaft Protective Sleeves
Gland Packings


On demand, of course you will get all necessary certifications for our products.
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